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HK imposes health checks for travelers更多>>
Eighteen people stood trial on charges of fraud on Tuesday, a Beijing court said. 2020-10-24
Chengdus domestic and foreign maintenance service industry also reported strong growth with strong support from the government. 2020-10-27
The draft is not the final version of the proposed law. 2020-10-7
The minibus belongs to Doucunji Kindergarten, the official said, adding that the kindergartens executive manager, Chu Lili, is under police control. 2020-10-16
The new rules also set stricter requirements for state firms overseas investment, stipulating that such investment should focus on the firms main business. 2020-10-16
Their choices will be respected and no forcible demolition will be tolerated, the government vowed. 2020-10-18
Meng Derong feeds an injured owl on Dec 4, 2012. 2020-10-19
Yet sales of the buildings are continuing. 2020-10-1
China to launch 10 pilot reforms for SOEs in 2016更多>>
Last year, they obtained 20 million yuan (. 2020-10-26
In November, Beijing announced that from 2014 through 2017, the number of new cars available to registered drivers in the capital would be reduced from 240,000 a year to 150,000. 2020-10-24
And then you see elaborate gingerbread structures in hotel lobbies, and prettily packaged ginger cookies in the bakeries. 2015-2-21
Menus, name cards, table tablet stands and invitations were all made of silk. 2017-11-18
Apart from the red-carpet ceremony, formal talks and banquet, the two presidents will have informal arrangements, Zheng told a briefing for Chinese and foreign reporters. 2015-1-26
An autopsy was being performed Saturday, but police declined to comment on whether they believe the body belonged to Tong Shao, 20, who was last heard from Sept 8. 2017-11-26
A man brings dishes to the coach restaurant in Shenyang, Liaoning province, Nov 8, 2012. 2016-7-15
Bullfights returned to Spanish public television on Wednesday after a six-year suspension, sparking warnings of legal action from animal rights activists. 2015-1-3
It can also lead to lawful permanent residence, according to the website of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Facing challenges in 2009 the PLAs poster reads It is a great honor to join the army and contribute to the nation.
His image became part of a test for elementary school students, asking the young students to identify the writer.
Over the past 60 years, the corps, which shoulders the dual task of production and security, has transformed the vast bare wasteland into new oasis and built a number of modern towns in the region.
His wife had left him about five years earlier, and his young son had been sent to live with the childs mother, so he was idle much of the time, Hao said.
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Combination photos show the explosion site outside a bakery in Beijing, July 24, 2013.  Such environmental lawsuits can deter polluting factories by raising their lawbreaking costs and by encouraging public supervision, said Ma Yong, legal expert with the All-China Environment Federation.
The Tianjin Sports Museum has recently started to collect sports relics from different eras and countries.  The Ministry of Commerce vows to further cooperate with international labor organizations and to avoid improper behavior by Chinese workers abroad.
Villagers find pleasures at Culture Square|China更多>>
report on its human rights as sheer fabrication and politically- motivated provocation. 2015-3-22 
And it still appeals to me. 2017-6-23 
The operation was an ocean fishing trial in the South China Sea, and the fleet collected data of the exploration of fishing resources in the area, local fishery authorities said. 2018-2-2 
A college graduate holds a placard with Chinese characters that read Where are you, my boss? at a job fair in Bozhou, Anhui province. 2017-6-5 
The drone, a 3-meter-long unmanned underwater vehicle, was launched by USNS Bowditch to collect bathymetric data as well as the waters salinity, temperature and current flow, according to the Pentagon. 2017-1-7 
I felt the ship topple over,Yang was quoted by Xinhua. 2015-8-18 
It has a comprehensive fuel consumption of 7. 2016-8-14 
  Top 10 most expensive artworks sold at auction更多>>
Violent criminals who endanger public security will be dealt with harshly in accordance with law, according to the minsitry. 2018-12-29 
Most of the waste water has been collected and transferred to sewage treatment plants, and the remaining pollution will be dealt with later. 2016-10-1 
The best way is to enhance communication. 2015-1-26 
Well, some may be cheering. 2018-10-4 
But the companys net income was dragged down by a disappointing second half; it fell by 5. 2018-12-16 
China is already Russias largest trading partner and its second-largest export market. 2018-5-1 
Qingdao is looking to use the hub to position itself as a strategic center in the new network of global trade routes China is building as part of the Belt and Road project. 2019-6-21 
Folk singer Cao Fang releases new album更多>>
Currently, Taiwan residents must apply for a visa-like entry permit in order to visit the mainland. 2019-5-15 
The only solution for them is to send their children back to their hometowns to live with their grandparents, who dont have enough time to take care of them because many have to work on the farm. 2018-5-6 
Besides its brick-and-mortar stores, the high-end florist, which can ship to more than 300 Chinese cities, has online outlets on its official website and Tmall, a business-to-customer platform owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 2017-7-19 
Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary arrested on Nov. 2016-4-21 
Jiang said there were cracks along nearby mountains. 2016-11-12 
On the heels of the shocking discovery, scores of angry parents blocked a road near the two kindergartens on Wednesday, demanding local governments intervention in the case. 2019-11-17 
Xinjiang will also put more investment in the medical services industry to attract overseas patients. 2016-5-30 
Geological disasters killed 145 people in China from January to March, a total that is four times the average during that period for the past 20 years, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Land and Resources on Monday. 2019-10-2 
  PBOC says stable yuan likely soon更多>>
From January to March, 3,265 individuals were prosecuted on corruption charges. 2018-2-25 
Hence, the government has to enact a specific law on childrens welfare to safeguard their rights, especially the rights of abandoned children, and elucidate NGOs rights and duties in providing aid to orphans. 2016-9-13 
Chinas Vice-Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Tuesday that China will strengthen the enforcement of environmental laws, and take other measures to tackle air pollution. 2015-11-17 
HAIKOU -- The search and rescue center in Chinas southernmost island city Sansha successfully rescued 113 people in 2016, both helping save peoples lives and assets. 2019-11-19 
[Photo /China Daily]Many auto dealers in China are exaggerating the problems of vehicles that come in for repair in order to make more profit, according to a report by China Central Television in its annual 3/15 Gala program. 2017-10-12 
In recent years, China has launched a series of projects in Uganda, including Entebbe International Airport, an agri-industrial park in the central Ugandan district of Luweero and several hydropower projects. 2019-1-12 
Ding said Japan wants to hold China responsible for disputes between the two countries, despite the fact that it is Japan that has kept creating tensions in the region, with issues from the Diaoyu Islands to the Yasukuni war shrine. 2015-12-25 
Li Hong, chief of the Hangzhou Tourism Commission, said the alliances goal is to integrate the resources of the 18 cities along the canal to better present its charm. 2015-3-26 
Beijings 1st H7N9 patient discharged更多
China sets up national lab developing brain-like AI technology更多
  Some are active while some are cautious, preferring to wait for even lower prices. She chose Royal Caribbeans Voyager of the Seas, one of the worlds largest cruise ships, to travel with her parents, younger brother and grandparents. A Uygur idiom from his father, a primary school teacher in Hotan, has been his driving force. A spokesman with the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said on Wednesday that all PLA garrison barracks in Hong Kong are protected by law. Limited by land size and natural resources, South Korea is proficient in operating service industry trade and related sectors such as logistics, tourism, shipping, healthcare, education, finance and smart city development.
  The NMC also forecast frequent rain in North China over the next three days, as well as scorching weather in the south. Jack Ma, chairman ofAlibaba GroupHolding Ltd, speaks at a news conference in Japan. The Ukrainian political crisis, which originated from public anger over ousted President Viktor Yanukovychs decision in November last year to put on hold an association agreement with the European Union in order to get the Russian aid, took an abrupt turn last month as a result of bloody clashes between protesters and police. Premier Li Keqiang visited a mountainous county in Shaanxi province on Monday to deliver greetings ahead of Lunar New Year.